What is The Comic Panel Project?

It’s a webcomic. What makes it unique is that, instead of one artist or a group of artists telling a whole story, this comic involves many separate artists, each taking turns telling the story, 1 panel at a time. They can create the panel however they want (with pencils, crayons, computers, construction paper, etc).

More info is available on the About page.



This is an exercise in creativity. It’s fun, it’s a bit different, and it’s a great way to see how different artists will express their creativity. And a little cross-promotion doesn’t hurt, either!


What is the story about?

We don’t know. We only know as much of the story as has already been drawn. There is no predetermined plot or character, except what has been established in previous panels.

Each artist is given complete freedom to tell the next piece of the story however they want.


“Complete freedom”?

Well, there are a few rules…


What are the rules?

1. Only draw 1 panel.
Resist any temptation to tell more than your share of the story.

2. Don’t tell anyone where you think the story should go next.
You might have some great ideas, but that’s what your own comics are for. This is about each person adding their own raw creativity to their own panel. 

3. Keep it PG.
Some violence is okay, but no nudity, explicit dialogue or language, please.

 4. Make sure the lettering is legible.
If you have generally sloppy handwriting, spend some extra time to carefully craft the words so they are easy to read. If you draw your panel in pencil, make sure the letters are extra dark (consider using a pen for the letters). 

5. Preserve continuity.
For example, if the previous panel features a character tripping, the next panel should feature the character falling or catching himself or another character observing the incident, etc.

6. Don’t violate copyrights.
Don’t use characters, products or anything else that might be in violation of someone’s copyright or trademark.


How many artists are involved?

Just a handful, for now. But I plan on adding more in the future. The more the merrier, right?


How can I participate? 

Request to join this Facebook group, or contact us.


What sort of commitment is required?

Everybody’s always busy doin’ stuff, so I wanted to make sure it was as low-commitment as possible. In a nutshell, here’s what it involves:

1. After you’ve joined the Facebook group, sign up for a specific week
3. As soon as the panel preceding yours has been published, get cracking on your own panel
4. Upload your panel and artist profile to the Facebook Group and we’ll take it from there.

In other words, your only real commitment is to draw a basic comic panel within a specific week. You’re not obligated to participate beyond that.


If an artist has already participated, can they participate again?

Yes, though preferably not in consecutive order. If you’ve already drawn a panel, you can sign up for another one at the Facebook group.