Amanda R El-DweekArtistAmanda R. El-Dweek

Medium: Prismacolor markers, pencil, Micron Pigma pens, and just a little bit of the old school Paint program. Yeah I said Paint. Oh, and I had to use a Sharpie a little bit because I could not find my black Prisma.

Commentary: I will admit, I didn’t want to slow the roll any more than I already had, so I made myself a little pressed for time on this (even though I signed up a couple months ago) – my own fault – but I really enjoyed it! It made me sit down and draw something, of which I need to do more.

Favorite Creative Outlet: Drawing cartoons, which, as I said above, is something for which I need to make more time. I also like reading other people’s comics – it’s inspiring.

If I were a superhero, my catchphrase would be: “Buckle up, Mommy has to drive.” (I’m not really a mom – just think it’s a funny thing to say to adults in the car.)